Water and Fire
The Marimba Music of Don Skoog

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Attendance to Ritual
Fantasy for L 5
Art Song

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Drumming and Dance in Puerto Rico


offered by

The Contemporary Music Project

January 17th to the 23rd

in San Juan PR.

With Drum master Jorge Emmanuelli Náter

and dancer

Melenie Maldonado


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Método para la Enseñanza de la Percusión Latina
(Instruction Method for Latin Percussion)

by Roberto Vizcaino Guillot

124 pages and 2 CDs
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Quite simply the finest book of its kind ever published, this is Vizcaino's master work.

     El Método is the key to Roberto's playing secrets. The conga chapters include 1- and 2-drum technical exercises, improvisations, popular and contemporary rhythms, and rumba. The timbale chapters include technical exercises, popular and contemporary rhythms, improvisations, and tons of breaks.
     The last third of the book contains the best of Vizcaino's concert works for Latin Percussion. In these pieces he has raised the genre to a new level, writing complex compositions worthy of the recital hall. They include the duets, Soneando and Soneando 3, and the trio Soneando 1, and the solo works, Para Ella, Timba Son, and A Cuatro Congas. If you've ever wondered what, exactly, Roberto plays in his amazing solos, you will find the answers here.
     Lastly, El Método comes with 2 CDs. The first covers almost every exercise and rhythm in the book. The second contains recordings of Vizcaino playing his amazing concert works. They are recordings of the master at his prime.

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Batá Drumming

The Instruments, the Rhythms, and the People Who
Play Them

by Don Skoog and Alejandro Carvajal

The Second Edition! B&W, Softcover, 200 pages, 8 1⁄2” X 11”
Now $40!

     is the most comprehensive study of this important Cuban musical tradition, and the first to explore the people who created it, how it developed in Cuba, and where it fits in relation to the other folkloric traditions on the island.

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Metric Imperative

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Graven Image
Blue Lake
Slave to the Metric Imperative

Sheet music for most tunes is available thru Steve Weiss Music